Even just a little bit? I realize it's one game to a long season, but Nash looked bad last night, and so did the Lakers as a collective unit. Granted, Nash usually is a bit of a slow-starter, and definitely was here in Phoenix, but it almost seems like the Lakers just aren't utilizing Nash at all. All I've seen him do is bring the ball up the court, pass it to someone, and try to get open. I mean, if that's what they brought him to do, they might as well have kept Ramon Sessions.

I also get that's just the style of this Princeton offense, but like Barkley said, "I want my accountants from Princeton, not my offense". This is a terrible style for this team, and unless they change it, this team is not going to do what everyone expects. Not to mention their bench is just awful, and even when Jordan Hill comes back, they're still going to suck, because he's also not that good.

All of the Laker fans, and most people in general, are saying "they need time to get used to eachother," and I get that too, but keeping the ball out of Nash's hands isn't going to help. They brought him in, and are paying him a nice chunk of change, for a reason, and if Mike Brown doesn't figure out what that reason is, he's not going to have a job much longer. Matter of fact, I hope he keeps his job, and I hope they keep running the Princeton offense, because I absolutely love watching the Lakers struggle, and get beat by a Mavericks team that's arguably the worst Mavericks team in the Nowitzki era. The best part about it was Nowitzki wasn't even in the game!

I can't wait to see how they do tonight against a bad Blazers team. I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts, because they'll figure out a way to make this team work eventually. There's too much talent for it not to.