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You can tell it's going to take a while for this team to gel. When Harden's not one, who takes over the offense? Lin could I guess, and played well today. Parsons played well and Delfino's going to be hit or miss.

There were times in this game where the offense didn't have a clue. But that's to be expected. I'll take any win I can early in the season because of how new the team is with one another.
I agree, but I think they should really go with the small ball lineup with Parsons at the 4 and Delfino at the 3 whenever Patterson is hurt. If Pat comes back a lot of the defensive problems they had in this game will go away, and it will make them deeper.

Also, does anyone have any idea why Terrence Jones didn't play tonight? Because aside from a few easy layups, Marcus Morris was atrocious. Morris should not be allowed to start the next game if Jones is healthy.