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A regular scotch drinker should not be finishing a bottle in less than two weeks and if you have multiple options, a bottle could last you a month. If you are finishing a bottle in two days, its pretty clear what your goals are when drinking and you shouldn't be drinking scotch. You can get drunk a lot quicker and a lot cheaper many different ways.

To me a "regular" scotch drinker is someone who has four to seven drams a week. That's about a bottle every two weeks to a month. At that pace, no reason to spend a few extra dollars on a more quality spirit.

Dewars White cost 24 dollars in PA. There are plenty of single malts that you can get in the 30-40 dollar range that offer a more flavorful experience.

If you enjoyed Cutty Sark and are on a budget, you will likely enjoy Glenlivet 12. Similar Speyside tasting profile that is nice and you can get it for 35-38 dollars. Actually, if you go up to the counters at some W&S stores, they have 50ml bottles for 3 dollars that you can try out.
The liter of Crown I got was on sale for $30 so I felt like I got a steal. I've also had good experiences with it and was a little overwhelmed by all the options at the package store (that's what they call liquor stores in Georgia).

I wouldn't recommend drinking scotch in volume. They're known to produce some of the most epic hangovers. Bad epic. Just a couple splashes to warm the belly and mellow the nerves is the way I like it.