We need to have Kobe sit out for a few games to not only rest up, but showcase MWP.

MWP was ballin' with Kobe out, and if we can showcase him during that stretch, his value will increase and we might be able to get good trade value out of him. I'm not sure who, but it's clear he doesn't fit in our system.

He performed pretty well last night, aside from having a bad shooting night. I just don't think he'll ever be a good spot up shooter like we want/need him to be. He defends well, but other players defend just as well who can be spot up shooters.

MWP just doesn't look comfortable out there unless he has the okay to do it his own way. He can clearly still ball, he just doesn't fit with our current composition of players.

Again, I'm not overreacting, it's just something I've been thinking for a while. I was going to post something like this earlier, but reports on how much MWP has been working on spotting up and his in shape he is quieted me.

I just do not think he will ever be what we need him to be for our team.