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Im so glad that the Blazers took Lilliard with the 6th pick I knew he would became a baller. IMO he will be our best player in 3yrs. Red hot Rollins should be loving this game, he is a huge Lilliard supporter as well and I think he's at the game(lucky bast@$d)haha
Blazerman you know I was loving the game!! Hard to believe he is a rookie... cool customer live too and it might be sooner than 3 yrs before he becomes our best player.

LMA, Mathews, Hickson, Lillard were all studs but Batum gets my game ball.... and did you see him glyde in with the finger roll it looks like he is ready for another kind of gear.

We need to prove we can win on the road before get too excited but what a great start to our playoff run... yeah i said it