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    Asking Ryan Vogelsong About His FIP

    Asking a player how he’s over-performed his peripherals is a tricky thing. I settled on a toe in the water: “Have you ever heard of FanGraphs? WAR? FIP?” From Ryan Vogelsong‘s responses to those inquiries at Giants’ Media day (“No, but Wins Above Replacement I have, all those stats, yeah” he replied), it seemed clear that the right-hander might need a little introduction to any sabermetric statistic I was going to ask him about...
    Nice article on FanGraphs about Vogelsong's renaissance.

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    Good article, thanks for sharing.


    Quote Originally Posted by europagnpilgrim View Post
    Put Iverson on this Warriors [instead of Curry] and they would be just as scary and play at even a faster pace, Iverson with those weapons getting wide open looks would be scary
    lol, Please' top 10 p4p: Golovkin/Ward/Kovalev/Fury/Lomachenko/Rigondeaux/Gonzalez/Bradley/Rungvisai

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    I never understood why these saber-authors think players care about these type of stats. These stats do nothing for them.

    "It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument against a stupid person." - Bill Murray
    Sabermetric Myths
    FIP=better pitcher
    WAR is fact
    Pythagorean records and win expectancy have value
    Strikeouts are overrated
    Best regular season record = best team
    Regular season > Post season
    The difference between me and you is I don't need the internet to discuss baseball intelligently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTL View Post
    I never understood why these saber-authors think players care about these type of stats. These stats do nothing for them.
    Exactly. Obviously fans do, and perhaps some GM's or player evaluators do, but players do not... none whatsoever...
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