I can't wait until the pundits and assorted negative nellies who say BB can't draft pass judgment on the last 4 drafts:


Chandler Jones
Dont'a Hightower
Tavon Wilson
Jake Bequette
Nate Ebner
Alfonzo Dennard


Nate Solder
Ras-I Dowling
Shane Vereen
Stevan Ridley
Ryan Mallett
Marcus Cannon


Devin McCourty
Rob Gronkowski
Jermaine Cunningham
Brandon Spikes
Aaron Hernandez
Zoltan Mesko
Brandon Deaderick


Patrick Chung
Ron Brace
Sebastian Vollmer
Myron Pryor
Julian Edelman

Not all start, some haven't proven out yet. Go ahead and show me any NFL team that has so many excellent, very good, good, and OK players in the last 4 drafts. Then consider the salary cap, and lack of high picks due to our record.

Toss in the FA (UDFA and regular) pool over that time, and it's even more impressive list.

Amazing how much Pats fans short shrift BB.