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    Comparison between this year and last year


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    This year we have a more well-rounded offense, even with Hernandez's injury, because Ridley is a beast.

    Front-seven is much improved.

    Pass defense still sucks.

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    Tom Brady is Tom Brady
    Our weapons have gotten better
    Our Oline on paper isn't better(Light, Waters) but has been extremely impressive thus far
    Our run game is better, borderline legit(still need to be able to run on elite D's)

    Our pass rush has gotten better
    Our LB's are better (I love our LB's)
    Our Secondary is better (Don't shake your head while reading this. Yes it is, and it will continue to improve as the season progresses)

    Our team is much better than it was last season. Stay healthy and continue to improve and we have a great shot at going to New Orleans.
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    The more i think of it, the more i am amazed at how much this team improved in one offseason.
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