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    Quote Originally Posted by SB75
    Very little? Again discounting it doesn't make it true. I'm not saying or even acting like it is the most important. Just that if managers ( and this is all hypothetical, because we don't know what went into their thinking) thought it was close on other ability's, the fact that Andrew has an arm that will keep some players where they are could be a feather in his cap.

    Again...... PLEASE READ! I'M NOT SAYING HE SHOULD HAVE WON, JUST THAT IT WASN'T A SHOCK TO ME. If you going to ignore holding runners with your arm, as a part of defense, you will continue to be in shock. But I won't so I'm not shocked. Nor do I think he was robbed. Never said Bourn was not an elite defender..... However I do not think he is the only elite defender in CF in the MLB.
    Which is why those managers are/were idiots, because it's not close on "other ability's" since those guys suck at reading the ball off the bat. I'm not in shock really because the awards have become a joke in most sports and a lot of guys have no clue what they are talking about and some athletes get awards based off reputation: Jeter's GG, Kobe's All-NBA defense 1st team, etc.

    Some of those managers are just dumb enough to think guys like McCutchen and others are elite at covering ground, so it's no surprise to see guys like him, Granderson, and Hamilton end up costing their teams a lot of games because they take bad routes and give up unnecessary hits and extra bases that come back to haunt their teams.
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