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    Quote Originally Posted by GGGGG-Men View Post
    Yeah, but with chronic knee issues, who knows if he'll ever be heatlhy? He's a worth a moderate incentive filled deal (like T2, Kiwi, etc.), but Reese is looking at Rolle, Brown, Hill and Sash and thinking about how much he really needs to spend on KP while he has 20 other issues to resolve.
    Sash shouldn't even be considered the 3rd safety..

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    regarding kp. football smarts are there; technique is good, better defender. he is the better all around safety, hands down. but his window is closing.

    issue: kp's expensive, often injured, and not keen in the ball hawking department. we got rolle to be a ball hawk and that hasn't panned out. brown is getting us turnovers and being + in that department in any game is an advantage.

    (then again, browns coverage during the bengals game was gawd awful and again during the saints game )

    it'd be nice to keep em' both, but to be honest, kp hasnt lived up to the hype or to his contract. his first injury ruined him. he's starting to remind me more and more of james butler (who i liked despite being the slowest SS in the galaxy). if he does stick around, i'm confident fewell will find a way to get these guys in sync.

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    The knee injury killed his all pro potential

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