One of the most discussed off-the-field aspects of the Dolphins this year has been the possibility of a logo/uniform change for 2013.

Earlier today team CEO Mike Dee joined us on the show and continued to hint that there’s a very good chance of an adjustment coming. “I think there’s likely going to be some changes. How significant those are, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Dee had previously hinted that any adjustments would be more subtle than drastic, going so far as to tell fans that a Marlins-like overhaul would not be the direction the Dolphins would go, if they were to make a change.

Dee also said that the deadline for submitting changes for next season is “looming” and that “I think fans will be very excited with what they see down the road here shortly.”

Aside from logo talk, Dee also discussed South Florida’s bid for Super Bowl L in 2016 and the possibility of stadium upgrades that could go along with that:

“We’re working on, as much as we can, to figure out getting the stadium in the best possible condition. We’re going to put the best stadium we know in the bid, whatever that means. We’re not sure what that means right now, but whatever we can do to make the stadium as attractive as possible, we’re going to do it.”

As for on-the-field matters, Dee gave high praise to first-year head coach Joe Philbin. “It started the first day Joe walked in the building. The mood of the building was different and a lot of changes followed after that…it starts with culture, and Joe has a philosophy that just took over immediately. It’s great to see.”