As the city tries to recover from the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the fate of Thursday's scheduled season opener between the Nets and Knicks in Brooklyn is up in the air.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank tweeted this about the league schedule Tuesday morning: "For the many asking: Tonight's NBA games will be played. We are still assessing the situation with regards to the rest of the week."

Whether Thursday's game can go off as scheduled could depend largely on whether or not the city's subway lines can begin to be restored by then.

MTA officials said it could take anywhere from 14 hours to four days just to clear the water from flooded subway lines, which would then need to be assessed for repairs. The Smashing Pumpkins concert scheduled for Wednesday at the Barclay's Center was cancelled.

The Nets canceled a planned practice Tuesday, with no word yet as to whether they will be able to return to the practice court Wednesday.
If it takes 4-5 days like reported to get the subway systems running, the Knicks & Nets may not play at all until next week.