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Smith's value is interesting. I doubt many teams will want to trade for him with the hopes of re-signing him...because he's gonna want a max contract I'm sure and I don't think many people think he's worth that. He does have huge value as an expiring, however.

Just think though. If we were the Hawks right now, and we were set to have on ~$18 million in contracts next year, would you want to trade your huge expiring contract for Glen Davis and Arron Afflalo, two players who make more combined next year than Smith does this year? I don't think I'd want to at all. It doesn't make too much sense for ATL, unfortunately.

I've said all along that I'm all for trading anyone and everyone not named Nicholson, Vucevic and Harkless (even those guys obviously aren't untouchable), assuming we get either cap relief or picks/young players. We shouldn't be adding any salary at all. Any long term salary that we can turn into expirings we absolutely should do.
Depends on what Atl wants. A core of Horford/Davis/Korver/Afflalo/Teague is pretty damn good. You have the post players in Horford and Davis. You have the PG in Teague, a defensive player in Afflalo and a damn good shooter in Korver, and still have the money to get someone in FA.