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Look at his Per lol. Look at his turnovers ratio. It's terrible. No where near number 1 option

Have you turned into a stat geek now? Here's a simple stat for you. If you score more points then the other team you win. Harden scores alot of points. He gets alot of rebounds, he also gets a lot of assists because he is an impact player. Since YOU'RE bringing up his per, then be fair about it. Use last years stats along with this years. I mean, why would you use a handful of games as your main argument? To me that seems pretty pointless.

As of right now, nothing out of the norm has happened with him. It was common sense that his efficiency would go down a bit once he was out on his own as a #1 option. Besides I'm sure it will go up from where he's at in the "handful" of games he has played. Time will tell. Eventually you'll see that I was right on this.