That was sarcasm ...

Here are a few quotes from SI's pre draft evaluation of Alex Smith.

"Efficient and reliable passer that's done well in his college system. Accurate in the short field"

" Solid timing on crossing patterns. Patient in the pocket, effectively reads the defense and does not make poor decisions. Goes through receiver progressions, waits for pass catchers to come free and throws to the safe underneath target if nothing's available"

"Must improve his corner patters in the end zone as passes tend to be flat. Rarely threw the ball down field in the Utah system"

"Does not have a deep passing arm just yet but would be initially effective in a timing or West Coast offense"

Now, here are some of his simple 2012 stats that correspond with the information above.

1st in Completion percentage (69.4%)
4th in QB rating (102.1)
5th in yards per attempt (7.94)
10th in Touchdowns with (12)

Yes, he is near the bottom of the league in passing yards and passing yards per game, but he is also near the bottom in attempts per game. He fits this teams style so well, that I truly believe he is underrated ! And I say this coming into last season as one of his biggest haters on this site.

Then it dawned on me, not every team has a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Not every team is built to throw the ball 30-40 times per game. Is there shame in winning with a strong defense and efficient offensive game ?
Sometimes we get so caught up in the so called "new" style of NFL, that we forget that teams always used to be built the way the 49ers are now.

So to quote Dennis Green "Alex Smith is who we thought he was". He is not going to win an MVP, he is not going to be a perennial pro bowler, hell some games he wont even have enough passing attempts to qualify for certain records.

But he brings stability to a team who changed quarterbacks like I change underwear (once a month) and who was sorely missing an identity.