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View Poll Results: Which of these young QBs would you build around?

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  • Russell Wilson

    3 6.67%
  • Sam Bradford

    3 6.67%
  • Josh Freeman

    5 11.11%
  • Cam Newton

    10 22.22%
  • Christian Ponder

    1 2.22%
  • Blaine Gabbert

    9 20.00%
  • Jake Locker

    4 8.89%
  • Brandon Weeden

    0 0%
  • Andy Dalton

    6 13.33%
  • Ryan Tannehill

    4 8.89%
  • Draft a Rookie QB from this years Class

    0 0%
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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by wissportsfan View Post
    I'd say Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. Sorry I haven't seen enough of Tannehill in the NFL to make an accurate case. Starting from scratch however, it would for sure be Newton. I really like how Dalton commands the field though, plays like a vet IMO.
    Really? Newton? He's been horrible this year and what's even worse is his personality. Vince Young V2, 'nough said.

    "It was my fault, I shook your hand too hard."

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    Jul 2010
    i think id go with josh freeman. really like what i am seeing out of him this year. after that it would be tannenhill and locker

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    Von Miller and Bradley Chubb

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    Jul 2012
    Dalton he is accurate and he is a winner gives you the best shot at a potential Superbowl title

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    Jun 2012
    Dalton. I still want to know how Gabbert is still leading?
    Nothing to see here, move along.

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    Jan 2008
    right behind you
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidR View Post
    Dalton. I still want to know how Gabbert is still leading?
    Because he is the best player on the list....

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