Most teams as deep and talented as us do not typically talk trades as the trade deadline.... you do not want to mess up team chemistry or mess with a good thing.

The few chinks in our armor has been the lack of depth at our defensive line and our lack of depth at outside linebacker. It really showed last night against the cardinals. When our pass rushers got tired, we had NOBODY who could put pressure on the quarterback. Granted most teams do not have long drives against our defense and our run game helps keep our defense off the field to rest. But come playoffs or injuries, I think this weakness could be exploited.

With that being said, I think we have a number of valuable trade assets we could use to bring in a top flight outside linebacker for depth or some first round picks in the draft.

1). Kapernick. I like him alot and I think he has great potential, but I think Smith is a better fit for our offense. One thing that people do not understand about Smith is how many audibles he is responsible for at the line of scrimmage. Passing plays and running plays, Smith reads the defense and has been a big part of why our running game has been so dominant. He has the respect of his teammates. The games where Kapernick comes in has been Smith's worse games, and I feel it is because it takes him out of rhythm. I think the coaching staff recognized that as well and did not use Kapernick last night. I also am a big fan of our 3rd string quarterback and would be fine with him being our backup. So I just personally feel Kapernick would provide better value as a trade piece.

2) LaMichael James. We have TWO top teir running backs that we are not using at all. James is a nice talent, but the combination of Hunter and Gore is great... and that combo will last at least 2 more years. Maybe next year it becomes more of a 50/50 to keep Gore fresh. But I do not see any need for James for at least two years. Ginn and Williams have been solid in the return game. And with so many teams in need of a running back right now, I think we would get great value for him.

So just my thoughts. Not saying I dislike either player. I think they are both going to be great players in this league. Winning a super bowl is tough though, and we need a better pass rush in my opinion to win it this year. Packers, Falcons, Giants... all have great quarterbacks with great passing games. We have a great defense, but need to apply more pressure on the quarterback consistently. Our starters are pretty good at doing so, but our backups are not. So wouldn't mind getting one more piece or two to add to our rotation at the cost of players we are not using at all this year, and who argueably may not be needed next year as well.