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    Scott Boras takes a shot at Indians Ownership

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Once closer Chris Perez packed his bags and headed home to Florida for the offseason, the Indians' owners and front office personnel probably thought they could remove their body armor. No more shotgun blasts would be coming their way for refusing to spend money or botching trades until Perez reported to spring training in February with the rest of the pitchers and catchers.

    The cease fire ended last week at the GM meetings in Indian Wells, Calif., and Perez had nothing to do with it. This time it came from agent Scott Boras, who represents Shin-Soo Choo, the soon to be departed Indians right fielder.

    Rarely do agents criticize the owners who make their players, and themselves, rich beyond the dreams of Inca kings. Boras, however, long ago stopped worrying about his bank account and Choo is going to do just fine at the arbitration table this winter. If not then, it will happen after the 2013 season when he becomes a free agent.

    When asked if he thought Choo would be traded sometime between now and the end of the upcoming season, Boras said, ""Choo's let it be known that he has a desire to win. I think the ownership in Cleveland, foundationally, they're going to have to illustrate some dynamics with new revenues and where they stand about what they do to show their fan base and their players who they are in competing.

    "That's a new calling that they are going to have to bring forth to give players, and everybody involved, (an idea) about what their intentions are in their ownership."

    Boras has criticized owners Larry and Paul Dolan before. But never this blatantly. I can't remember another agent being so bold, and so public, about his disdain for the practices of an ownership group.

    Right now the Dolans have been ripped on three sides this year: Perez, Boras and the fans. If another entity joins the fray, they'll be surrounded.


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    Boras needs to get in line if he wants a shot at Indians ownership. There are a lot of others ahead of him.

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    Agree with everything he said. Boras is a snake, but he's right. Pus i like Choo and all, but if we can get good value for him then bye.
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    The Indians will NEVER have a team that consistantly competes for the division title until the Dolan's sell the team. PERIOD!

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    If this article is the entire quote that Boras said, then I don't think he took a shot at the Indians management at all. Saying Choo wants to win is not a shot at the team.

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