I've already made forums about the Nuggets and Celtics who I think are real contenders, but this team really intrigues me.

They have arguably the best PG in the league and one of the better closers in the league in CP3.

They are getting back Chauncey Billups who can take and make big shots and is important to a team in so many ways.

They have Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan, arguably the most promising young post combo in the league who could take another step forward this season.

They have Jamal Crawford, Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe to provide secondary scoring from the perimeter.

They brought in Grant Hill to give them one of the better team defenders in the NBA against the West's elite perimeter players.

Finally, they brought in Lamar Odom who is one year removed from winning the sixth man of the year award. He is the biggest wildcard obviously but if he can produce like he did in year's past, a great 3rd post for this team.

Do you guys think this team can legitimately get to the NBA Finals or even win the championship?

Can they beat the likes of LAL, SA and OKC in the west?