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Honestly I think the Wilpons are planning to spend again when that real estate development on the poisoned land they hijacked is ready to open. Supposedly 2016 if lawsuits don't stop it. They'll probably start spending a little in advance of that.

They spent from around 2004 to 2008 because they were starting SNY and opening a new stadium and they needed to generate interest. They didn't spend the extra for a farm system or a winner, but they spent enough for "meaningful baseball in September". My guess is they'll do it again to juice attendance and drive customers to their new super mall.

They're probably hoping all of us will forget this whole era, and what kind of scum they are.

It's a scandal what they're getting away with, I don't know much about the land development, but they're just being allowed to tank season after season.

Disgusting corruption from MLB.

Can you imagine the NFL allowing this to happen?

"What do you mean you're flat-out refusing to do anything to improve the team?"


"You're selling the team, now gfto my office"