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Ok, I know as well as anyone here that we're really heavy on forwards so I'll stop suggesting them. We're still a bit thin on the 1 and 2 in comparison, but I'd like to throw a monkey-wrench into this mix... a swingman, one who can play 2 or 3.

Someone who has a bargain contract, and with the right enticement, maybe someone we could pry away from Utah.

Gordon Hayward - he can play the 2 or the 3, his scoring could use a little help, but he's also a staunch defender, even negating Kobe Bryant. He's got 3 years left on his contract so even if it doesn't work out, it's a relatively short commitment. He's got room to grow, and here, he'd be surrounded by a team in a similar spot.

Question is, what would we have to give up for him?
nothing. we have a player that can do all that already in parsons. i was thinking the other day that parsons is really an immovable piece for this team, being that hes a great defender and well rounded offensively and he just gels everybody together off the court as well. low and behold the next day i was watching rockets webcast and jason friedman said the exact same thing i was thinking in terms of how irreplaceable parsons is to this young group.