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    I hope he doesn't come back. The last few fights he had he looked bad. I he needs to enjoy the retirement life.
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    If he wants to do some kind of farewell tour in Mexico against club fighters, than I'm ok with that. But I definitely don't want to see him in any major venues in NJ, NY, Vegas or California. Maybe if he was on the undercard I could digest the idea of him fighting a little more, but he's so washed up at this point.

    This guy was such a talent in the lower weight classes, his destruction of Chavez was such an incredible thing to watch. But he's been a shell of his former self for a couple years now, and that Pacman fight I thought was the icing on the cake for his storied career.

    DLH, and Hatton are both Pacman victims and should stay retired.

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    his last fight should be vs Erik Morales. Final fight for both. id pay for that. But i would like to see a tune up fight

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    DLH needs to learn when to quit. Preserve your legacy. I love DLH and always will, and would love to see him make a comeback and avenge his loss to Manny, but let's face it the guy has been out of it too long, and age is against him.


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    Yes, he should come back.

    I thought his brain was warped enough, but I guess not. If he did return, he will fight an undercard most likely, and he can withstand that. That has to be it though, if he's the headliner he will get clobbered. His days are long gone, but It's his life and decision.

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    He is too old, may be fight another washed out fighter like Tito or Hatton in a co-main event. He might draw some interest co-main events suck anyway,

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    Quote Originally Posted by LA_Raiders View Post
    He is too old, may be fight another washed out fighter like Tito or Hatton in a co-main event. He might draw some interest co-main events suck anyway,
    No tune ups, just a straight main event vs Felix "Tito" Trinidad. Give them six months to train and then get it on. Id pay to see that. They would do big business at Madison Square garden or Vegas.

    Tito K.O.'s him brutally.

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    Have the mother****er fight Martinez for the hell of it.

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    Nov 2010
    I'd watch de la Hoya vs Tito again
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