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    Andrew Luck already surpassed Peyton's rookie win total

    The talk about the team was how crappy the team surrounding Andrew Luck was. How we couldn't protect him, didnt' have a running game, and he has no one to throw to. The defense, in transition to 3-4, is hurt and bad. But, 4-3 speaks for itself. It's safe to say that through 7 games the team is exceeding expectations. But what does the 4 wins say? Does Andrew Luck have more talent around him than people gave the team credit for? Is Andrew more NFL Ready than Peyton as rookies? Is the team just getting lucky?

    What's your take on the team's 4-3 record?

    “Maybe one of these days I won't fail ” - Clayton Kershaw following Dodgers World Series loss

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    Definitely exceeding expectations.

    When we lost to the Jags, I was disappointed, but I didn't think the loss would matter that much. Looking back now... We would be 5-2 had we pulled that one out.

    I still don't think we make the playoffs... I think we'll win 7 or 8 games. But that's still a lot better than I expected... and our rebuild is gonna be twice as fast as anybody thought.

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    As I said before the season, I think a 6+ win team has to be considered a success. I see no reason now though with our schedule why we can't win 7 or 8 (which would be awesome).

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    I'm thankful that we have something to tune in for each week. This team is about where I expected them to be. I could be wrong, but I think they finish with 7-8 wins (I thought 5-7 before the season started).

    The defense is getting better, but still has some holes. Hopefully they get everyone healthy and playing together. Really looking forward to Chapman.

    The Offense goes as far as the Oline will allow. If they keep everyone healthy and develop as a unit we should continue to see the running game grow (love Brown and Ballard) and passing game should get more consistent. We are fortunate to go from #18 to Luck.

    All this being said, they are still a young team who are figuring out what they can do individually and as a unit. I'd love to be wrong, but I think they are going to come up a game or two short of the playoffs. I am thankful we are having fun this season.

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    With how terrible the AFC is this year, the wild card is completely in reach.

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    8 wins may take the final wild card spot, I think if we can get 9 it will seal a spot. The only thing hurting us right now is that we have 2 wins against the NFC and I know conference wins factor in there somewhere. One thing I can say about this team is that we haven't really played a complete game yet. Right now I would call us an ugly 4-3 and I admit we have gotten some huge breaks like the fumble that the whistle was blown last week and the drop vs the Browns, but if the rushing game continues to improve, we get Mathis back and a pass rush along with him, and Vontae comes back in the next couple weeks and plays at a high level we are a serious contender and maybe a favorite for one of those wild card spots...especially when you factor in the fact that that we only have 4 games remaining against winning teams....2 of those games are Houston and they may have the division and their spot locked in and really have nothing to play for the last week if not before with Baltimore's defense loosing players left and right and a 2 or more game lead right now on the rest of the AFC. I know if I'm Houston and it is a choice between Pit/Balt/Cincy (depending on how that division goes) and us I would much rather sit my players and let the young team with the rookie QB in the playoffs rather than a battle tested team that has been there before and knows what the playoffs are all about.

    There is still a long way to go but right now it looks like we will be battling 2 teams from the North and maybe a team or two from the East with quite a few games left I expect us to win. We have to win all of IMO the most winnable games left against Tenn, KC, Jax, Buff, and KC....or come out with a win against the better teams we have left like we did with GB. It isn't going to be easy because especially Tenn and Jax aren't going to lay down for us, but I think we are in great shape right now with more than just an outside chance.
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