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Whose to say hes better then brown? Browns been playing like a top safety in the league rite now. The guy has single handley won us games. If we put him on the bench(which im sure we will beacuse giants dont go with the hot hand) ill be pissed.

Okay so if Nicks went down but Barden was averaging 100 yards 2 td per game for 5 games would you bench Nicks? No you wouldn't. Why wouldn't you? Because you know from a much larger sample size that Nicks is far better.

How do I know Kenny Phillips is better? Kenny Phillips has been playing at a high level for what now, 4, 5 years? Stevie Brown was a bench player for his career and that's not a coincidence.

Brown has indeed been play extremely well and I like him but that doesn't mean he's better than Phillips. Have you ever thought that maybe since Phillips isn't there teams are throwing towards Brown a whole lot more due to no dear of him leading to more opportunities for Brown than Phillips?

I'll take 4-5 years of solid play over 4-5 games of very good play.