I actually think Bill Russell is seriously underrated and Oscar Robertson (not Robinson like the OP wrote) is fairly overrated. Why? Because Russell was the greatest defensive player of his era, he dominated Wilt on a regular basis en route to 11 championships and his teammates loved playing with him (hell, he coached the team his final year!).

Oscar, on the other hand, was not particularly well liked by this teammates, and even though he put up crazy stats and played with great players (young Kareem in Milwaukee, Jerry Lucas and Jack Twyman in Cincinatti), the dude only won one ring. Why? I don't think he was the kind of guy who made his teammates better, but would rather throw you under the bus when things turned to ****.

Another reason I wouldn't put him higher is similar to why I won't put Wilt higher despite freakish numbers. They were both insane athletes that were a good 5-10 years ahead of their time in terms of size and athleticism for their positions. Oscar was a lightning quick 6' 5" PG playing in an era of short, slow 5'10" white dudes playing the position. If Oscar had come 10 years later, his numbers would be nothing by comparison.

Would Russell's numbers take a bit of a hit? Perhaps. But I think overall the results would be about the same and his defense and rebounding would still have been among the best of the 70s or early 80s.