I don't know how many times I've heard people say "Giants are cheaters". Really? Okay Cabrera got caught with steroids but that didn't stop the Giants.

Do people forget that Manny put the Dodgers in the playoffs in 2008 and was a big part in 2009? Yet he WAS on steroids too. Were the Dodgers cheaters that year?

"Giants are lucky" They had some breaks on there side but that happens all the time. And winning 2 WS in 3 years is not luck. It's good managed baseball and good baseball.

Giants played good team ball something the Dodgers were unable to do this year for a long period of time. They earned that WS victory by fighting back.

Anybody who can't see that lacks basic baseball knowledge.

Hate them all you want they are a rival. But you can't deny they played well to earn it.