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Although im not entirely on board with Hamilton coming to the Yankees, because It would kill us halfway through the contract, this team defiantly needs some new faces in the lineup. This all or nothing stuff has been the death of the Yankees in the post season. Yeah homeruns are great and all and fans love it but the only thing us Yankee fans love is winning the world series. Anything short of that is a major dissappointment and the sky seems like it falling. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Thats what comes to mind with the way this yankee team is set up. We can't keep going into the post season with pull happy home run swinging hitter that we currently have to these ludacrious contracts. Unfortunately, it seems that it is the current trend with everyone to come here. I believe we need more players that can play small ball that can steal bases and do little things like bunt the runners over into scoring position. We also need people who use the whole feel instead of aiming for the short porch in right. We need a right hander that will take pitch and hit it to right centerfield with a runner on first and move him to third.Enough with these homeruns happy players who seem to think that its the only excitig thing about the game of baseball. To me its exciting to see the game played right.
Wonderfully stated.

This swing for the fences mentality has beaten us time and time and time again since 2002.

And yet we keep employing the same formula expecting success against superior competition and structured rotations every October.

Heck, we wouldn't have even won in '09 if ARod hadn't employed this very formula.

Cashman needs to think production vs power and dump Swisher (if possible, Cano as well).