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Sadly, I have to agree.

It was very hard to muster passion for this collection and I can't quite explain why. Part of it stems from my dislike of Cano, Swisher, and Gardner (can't quite explain that last one except that he inspires me with a 'who cares' mentality. He's certainly a good guy and has an upside but I just can't quite seem to muster anything resembling passion for him (and yes....I am aware he was a very very small cog this year but it's just mo).
The playoffs are what everyone feared in june and july that the home runs would not come and the hits with RISP would become a bigger factor than in the regular season. Who knew some of us actually know what we are talking about smh. But the fact that people are so surprised is a bit shocking. People forget arod was hurt before the season ended. Who know's how that broken finger affected his swing. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it did. Teix played hurt which showed me a lot of heart i gained a lot of respect for him. Even though offensively he's the epitome of whats wrong with the yankee lineup.
i really enjoyed watching our staff this year. They impressed me a lot and impressed me even more in the playoffs. CC while awful on his last start was pitching with bone spurs and pitched like a stud in 2 Very important ALDS games. Proved to some of us who've forgotten that he is our real ace(at times i did wonder). Fatty or not he's clutch and proven to be a big time asset and worth every penny.
Phill hughes actually had a solid year, would have had 2 solid playoff starts too if it wasn't for his back acting up. Hughes proved he can pitch a full season into the playoffs. The first time he's done that this well.

I really enjoyed watching Raul play. That was a bright spot in the playoffs. He's helped bring back the attitude that new yankee stadium or not there is an aura and mystique still present. Can never count the Yankees out.

In a season entering with low expectations, losing mariano was huge however we didn't even notice it. Making the transition into next year possibly without Mo a little easier. The fact that Soriano was able to hold down the closer role as well as he did proved to some of us that there is a life with out mo.

A season that ended somewhat prematurely was actually still quite enjoyable. And if i had to go back and do it again i would. Watching bostons demise was epic. The fact that we didn't choke was amazing. Seeing Texas get beat by oakland was lovely.

But back to the point let the off season begin! If there was only some way we could trade for james sheilds. Too bad tampas smart