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    Jul 2010
    suffolk county, li ny
    I hate November

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    Who the **** are you ***** come at me *****

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    No, You Can't Invade My Butthole
    Quote Originally Posted by NYGTom View Post
    Who the **** are you ***** come at me *****
    is all i can muster up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGTom View Post
    Who the **** are you ***** come at me *****
    Yeah, seriously, chill out dude.

    Go have a drink and celebrate your boy Obama's win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyskilla View Post
    wow, 1 for 1 so far, nice call and description, you nailed it. let's see if you can make the 2-point conversion haha
    I'm 2-2 now lol. We choked and I want to change some of the predictions if this is how our team will play I want our RBs to share carries more and Eli to stop targeting 1 guy and hope for tds to much , guys can't drop balls were not the cowboys/eagles/jets lol , we need our players to be consistent so our coaches can call plays .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker117 View Post
    We should of lost this game and if not for moss and Eli being great with Cruz we would be 0-4 in our division and probably average at 8-8 9-7 in the end..

    Good news this time?

    We won't be 11-5 with a shot play ..

    We have history against us for a Super Bowl repeat sure but we should take the division ..we got the skins , split the boys and should SHOULD split the eagles .

    SCHEDULE- Vs Pitt ..I'll say loss sorry they're more desperate but equally banged up should be tight but they have that dismantle ability in them "foot on throat" ect in the 4th not giving Eli a shot That's 1!

    Bengals we either win or choke

    Bye week thinking about injuries coming back happier team ect. All that BS about the pack talkin bout us,.

    Packers we win ..

    Washington if they have a solid record win bearly if not we win
    ^Spell it right kid haha (barely)
    NO high scoring game ..Eli wins it for us

    ATL I think we mange to win

    BAL I think we some how lose if they're healthy enough ..

    Philly week 17 playing for the selves or whatever .. We lose (can't say we win though we should ..just last time they had that insane comeback like the cowboys but finished us with a PR with djax ugh..)

    So 6-2 now .. 1-1 I to the bye week (7-3) - 11-5 at worst ..

    So I'm gonna say we go 10-6 and in our losses it'll be bad bal maybe ray rice and Torrey smith lie the steelers just run and throw all over with that speed and power over ..

    Sproles can beat us for the saints ...jones won't hurt us like djax can bc it's a mobile QB that kills our gameplay and exploits our secondary ..
    WOW! You got the 2-Point Conversion!!!! good job, now are you gonna kick it for 3?!?!?!?!?!
    [B][COLOR="Blue"]13-9 Record & Super Bowl 46 Champs: You made it true Big Blue!!!!(Now Aim High For #5!!!!! )

    "Ready to shock the world, Eli?"
    "Let's Do It BUDDY!!!!".

    NY Giants Fan, LA Lakers Fan, LA Dodgers Fan

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