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    Oh and you're on an internet forum scolding people for making a joke. If you're that passionate, get your arse off this forum and help your neighbours/family/friends and donate.

    I'm not directing this at you, Clay. I'm just saying this in general.

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    That passionate? Everyone should be that passionate about devastation. What do you think some people are only 50% passionate or something just because they weren't directly affected? Those are all our people and I hurt for them...especially not being at home during these tough times is even worse.

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    I think Nate's point is that we all feel for those whose lives were ruined or uprooted by this tragedy and many of us deal with it in different ways.

    Clearly, the OP meant and showed no disrespect with this thread. And Clay's point about his friend's house is well taken too.

    All respectful views are valid.
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