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As Far as FA, we should take a look at derek cox from the jags. Hes pretty damn good. Has good height, good ball hawking skills, and would most likely wont cost too much. Very under rated guy. Would be the best corner on our team. If we can sign him, and hall takes a pay cut, i would be confident with Cox, Wilson, Hall as our 3 best cbs while we see what Miinifields got in the meantime.

As far as safety, Gholdson would be my top choice, but most likely he will command alot of money. I doubt niners let him go. Hopefully Tanard Jackson stops blazin, and merriweather comes back strong cause i really like them. However, i still think we should draft a safety.

Our second round pick has to be used on a NT or ILB. this is a must. Fletcher is near done, and we need to find a replacement. Cofield has had one good game all year against an atrocious eagles team. Something has to be done here.
yeah, i agree with just about everything....cox would be a great addition....Hall, cox, mannifield, and wilson would be a good CB core...gholdson or byrd would be my choice too, i go for byrd just because he does not play behind an all-pro front7 like gholdson.... and yea, we would still need a SS...

here is where is completely disagree, with coefield, nield, and baker, NT is one of the deepest positions on the team....same goes for ILB..Fletch, Riley, Robinson, and Alexander....

we need a strarting RT...polymbus has played admirably, but he is the lone weak link on that OL.... and also some depth at OLB...jackson is good, but wilson is garbage..