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Thabeet has thoroughly impressed me, the only question was his work ethic and they put him around a bunch of workers and he's followed suit. He looks to always be where he's supposed to on the floor.

KMart is fitting right in and i swear everytime he gets an open jumper i think it's going in, he's gonna do wonders for our floor spacing and late game execution. I saw a couple play where there were driving lanes tonight because the guy didnt wanna leave KMart. That would have never happened previously here.

Our defense as a whole has been pretty good to start this season, guys are rotating, fighting thru screens, etc.

I think the next level for Westbrook is gonna be when he realizes the more he gets EVERYONE involved the easier it will be for him. We had multiple 6 and 8 point leads in this game where it was like he was gonna take it upon himself to push the lead. But if you get Collison, Ibaka, and Sefolosha buckets then your still pushing the lead but your freeing some lanes for yourself.Sometimes your gonna be cold and you cant push the lead or maintain it on your own. KD has to learn that to an extent too. It cant just be dump downs and wide open stuff, they need to make concerted efforts to say hey i'm gonna get Serge a shot this time down, im gonna get Sefolosha a corner 3. Thats the next level of maturity i wanna see these guys take.
I can't disagree with a damn thing you said. One point you forgot is that KD has to start protecting the ball more. As of right now he is turning the ball over at a higher rate then Russell (and thats with Russ getting that turnover with 20 seconds against the Spurs that was KD's fault). I like that he is leading the league in rebounding after two games but we need to get turnovers under control early this season.