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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungStuna28 View Post
    There is far better chance of Harvey being a superstar than any of the guys you listed because 1) He's already had great big league success and 2)His stuff is far better than advertised, he would have easily been a Top 5-10 prospect in baseball if scouts knew he sit 93-96 MPH topping out at 99 with 3 potential above average swing and miss pitches.

    If healthy, Harvey will be a great again next year. This isn't 20 innings in September, 59 innings is not that small of a sample and he showed flashes of brilliance. His poise and make-up is on another level and he's hungry to be great. It would such a mistake to trade him for anyone short of a sure superstar.

    I honestly think Gose is 100% overrated and will be an average player at best. His AAA numbers in Vagas sucked balls. Why am I supposed to believe he's going to be an impact player?

    I love D'Arnaud, but he's still a catcher they have short life spans.

    Give me a break with Nicolino. The dude pitched in A ball and is years away.

    That trade would set us back for the years, and the Blue Jays would reap the benefits.
    Having a lineup of

    1. Anthony Gose CF
    2. Ruben Tejada SS
    3. David Wright 3B
    4. Ike Davis 1B
    5. Lucas Duda RF
    6. Daniel Murphy 2B
    7. Travis D'Arnaud C
    8. Jason Bay LF

    Would set us back for years? How about no.

    Winning teams build strong teams up the middle. P,C,SS,CF and have power on the corners. 1B/3B/RF/LF

    With young Tejada at SS, young Gose in Center, young D'Arnaud behind the dish and Wright / Davis power on the corners with Niese and Wheeler in the rotation the Mets would be building their team much like the Baltimore Orioles.

    Wieters (C) Machado (SS) Jones (CF) Chen/Bundy (P)

    D'Arnaud (C) Tejada (SS) Gose (CF) Wheeler/Niese (P)

    We would be set offensively long term with that core and you can always find good pitching.
    (When Dickey,Niese,Wheeler are your core starters)
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