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IIRC if the Warriors keep their first this year then the Jazz get 2 2nd round picks with no protection, thus making the 2015 1st tradeable now since there is no way the Jazz get the 2014 1st.

And yes the Marcus Williams trade was easily one of the worst I have ever seen, and what hurts even more is that there was a clause in the trade that if Williams was cut before a certain date then he would have just cost a 2nd round pick, but Nelson, who didn't care about the franchise at all, kept him, and kept him on the bench for the remainder of the year thus causing the tank job last year AND the loss of this years 1st round pick for a worthless player he didn't even play.

Wow- that really just made me feel sick. But Nelson wasnt the GM-Mullin/Rowell were running things at that time. That would have been one of those times when the front office needed to step in and override nelson. LOL cut marcus williams and find someone in the d league. They seemed to find decent talent in the d league anyway.