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Philly is a good team be we looked like ****. Ty needs to be more aggressive. Iggy needs to play better. Dre forced, but no one else wanted to shoot so **** go ahead. McGee looked like a bum. Faried underwhelmed with some bad turnovers. Chandler is recovering so i will give hime slack. Brewer played pretty bad.

1)Gallo- we need him back
2)Our Center- Tonight showed everyone the Kosta deserves to start.
3)Youngins- JHam needs to play more. Fournier played well in little amount of time.
Jham does need to play more...and I knew from the get go Karl would be stingy with the kid..

Trouble scoring...sit down the guy who is known for it. Makes sense.

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Ty played like Nene tonight. Someone who wasn't aggressive, and needs to want to score. The second half he shot alot more which was encouraging, but those points were with Holliday off the court.
I hate that you mention that because that is my worst fear. Ty and Nene are a lot alike. Granted Ty is the superior efficient player but far too often do we have to ***** about him turning it on.

I'm sorry Ty but you're going to have to have "sticky fingers." Get yourself established in the game first before anybody else because we know it takes time to get you going.

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We played good defense,but our offense is what bothered me the most..we need Gallo back but we also need to slow down the game if we see that it doesn't work like that..we made 10-15 TO on runing..and we also needed Randolph to play D on Hawes and to make some space for Iggy and Lawson so they can do what they do best..You can't play Lawson,Iggy and then put McGee,Faried down there...we have so many different players and we have to use all of them..so some lineup of Lawson,Iggy,Gallo,Faried,Koufos could be fine..Lawson,JHam,Gallo,Faried,McGee is fine..but Lawson,Iggy,Brewer,Faried,McGee just won't do it..atleas put Randolph and Koufos/Chandler(at 4 Randolph at 5 if its Chandler)...We really have to think about hiring new coach if this doesn't work like this..maybe Sloan if he wants to coach us?
Good luck with Randolph...that dude is going to have a tough tough time finding the floor.