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    No Bay is trash.

    New Video. Isles season highlights 2011-12!

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    Betting Bay would make a comeback is like saying Bernie might make parole!
    " You seek Yoda!

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungStuna28 View Post
    Bay hit .165/.237/.299 with 8 homers in 212 PA in 2012.

    A few notes:

    1)His BABIP was a career low and unsustainable .185
    2)His HR/FB rate was 14.3% which was far better than 2010(5.1%) and 2011(8.8%)
    3)He suffered more injuries and concussions in 2012. His April line was decent(.240/.316/.460)
    4)8 homers was tied for 5th on the Mets(Valdespin) but he had the 10th most AB on the team.
    5)I am on drugs

    (I'm not really on drugs)

    But still, it's somewhat reasonable for Bay to bounce back for real this time. If Santana comes back healthy and effective like he was earlier in the year, then our rotation could possibly be the best in baseball with Dickey, Santana, Niese, Harvey, and Gee. If we can just make some improvements and score runs, anything is possible. The bullpen is a crapshoot so if we get lucky they might actually be good??
    How did I miss this thread YS. You're lying, you are on drugs....
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    The only thing Bay will bounce off is Citi fields wall trying to make a catch.

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