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We signed Bronson to a 3 year extension deal in 2011 worth 35 mil. So I'm sure he's due to make around 10 mil this year. That's a nice chunk.

I wouldn't mind trading Didi, I like Cozart too much. He was a doubles machine last year and will be one of the best defensive SS in baseball next year.

Sparks, would you be more open to the idea of Arroyo and Didi OR Mez for Fowler and Swanner? Swanner is their best catching prospect and hits a t
For some reason I just don't see Mez hitting big league pitching anytime soon. Hannigan and Navarro would suffice fine for next year.
I would be more open to that, but I still wouldn't want to trade Arroyo. I doubt the Rockies would want him either. I don't see Mez being traded either, although I would have no reservations about including him in a deal. Navarro signed with the Cubs.