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i'm sure you would love to pair lebron and durant together...i wouldn't mind helping you do that but you don't really have any players on your team that i'm interested in. I'm worry about Gasol's production with the Lakers having chemistry issues atm and him sharing the court with d12 and jamison. and Dragic doesn't rack up enough assists for me to be interested in him...
Fair enough, sir. But I do think you're wrong. Gasol has been freakishly consistent and one of the best fantasy PFs in the NBA the last few years. He's basically averaged 18/10/3.5/1.5 with .530/.780 shooting percentages the last four seasons with the Lakers and he's only missed 19 total games over those four years (17 game in one season).

Dragic and Faried are a little more questionable, but pretty much every projection I've seen for Dragic and all fantasy sites I've see have him posting something close to 15/7 with solid steals, shooting percentages and 3-point production. And if nothing else Faried's floor is 10/8/1 with crazy FG%. But I think he's going to be more like 12/10/1.5 this season with crazy FG%.

I can understand you not wanting to deal Lebron. But if you're looking for rebounds and assists, I doubt you'll get a better deal than this. This also offers you great steals, blocks and FG% production.