The worst part about Lin's struggles this preseason is that no one is talking about how good Asik has been as a starter so far. In 25.5 minutes per game, he's averaging 8 points, 11.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists and a steal and a block per game (and his 67% free throw numbers are a huge improvement). Phenomenal numbers? No. But he's leading the entire league in rebounds per game and he's proving to be worth the contract he was given.

(Hence the "I get no respect" Rodney Dangerfield reference many of the younger posters might not have understood.)

And while I have not watched every preseason game, I've watched a few and the times Asik has been on the floor, it's remarkable how much of a difference he makes on the defensive end. Against Memphis, I thought he gave Marc Gasol some major issues, and I think that's the kind of impact he can have against the best offensive bigs in the NBA.

The funny thing about Asik's solid preseason play is that during the offseason, everyone talked about how Lin was the steal and Asik was the reach, but the Rockets would be okay this year with Lin at the helm. Yet Asik has proven the better find thus far and will probably have a bigger overall impact on this team with his defense, but people will rip the Rockets and Morey all season long if Lin doesn't perform well.

So, while it's early and it's way too soon to call Asik a steal or Lin a bust, I at least think it's worth noting that Asik has played some damn solid basketball so far and I'm really looking forward to watching him go up against some of the premier bigs in basketball this season.