Report: Cleveland Browns to Star in "Hard Knocks Type" Reality Series
While I have not seen official reports from the Browns or any television networks, I have received word from someone close to the situation that the Browns will soon be starring in what is described as a "Hard Knocks Type" reality series.

The special is rumored to be airing on the Travel Channel and filming is scheduled to start next week. From what I understand, it will give viewers a "behind the scenes" look at the Browns on and off the field, very similar to the successful HBO series, Hard Knocks.

While this seemed a bit odd to me at first, especially mid-season, after a bit of investigation it made a little more sense. Haslam's wife, Dee, is CEO of RIVR Media which has produced very successful reality shows such as "Trading Spaces" and "Whale Wars" and continually pitches new shows to networks like HGTV, Animal Planet, and others. Whether this new special will be on the Travel Channel or some other cable network, the connection is clear. icle/report_cleveland_browns_to_star_in_hard_knock s_type_reality_series/12057535

Any reason to give the young Brownies more spotlight and national attention is good to me.