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    Jul 2015

    Lorenzo Cain or Joc Pederson

    Which player would you rather have to start a franchise with?

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    Nov 2014
    Joc strikes out way to much for my liking. It's like homer or nothing for him. Of course he could improve though cause he's young. I'll take Cain. Love his all around game.


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    Jul 2015
    Cain is clearly better right now, but is six years older than Joc. If I am starting a franchise I would take Joc. Ceiling is super high and I think he will learn to shorten up his swing.

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    Jul 2015
    Cain is much better. Joc Pederson has a lot to learn. Greinke lost his shutout inning streak b/c Joc Pederson can't make a routine play. Potential "franchise" players make that play in their sleep.

    At this point, Pederson is a middling talent backed by a lot of hype. Let's see where he is in 5 years. He'll probably be a bust.

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    Jul 2010
    Give me Joc to start a franchise.

    I like Cain, but I think Joc will be a better long term player

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    Nov 2004
    I'd rather joc. He's so young

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    Jan 2016
    Give me Joc. I believe in the kid . he just has to work relentlessly on cutting down his strike outs and improving against lefties.
    By the midway point last season he was on pace for nearly 40 homeruns. Until he went into a endless slump that put a huge dent in the production he had displayed in the beginning of last season and his numbers overall.
    3 things that is guaranteed with Joc - Speed, power and an exceptional talent in Center Field. He has tons of upside and a lot of good coming ahead.
    Good thing the Dodgers finally got rid of Mattingly. He sure as hell wasn't helping anyone's case.

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    Apr 2013
    These kinds of questions always leave out important information, like contracts.

    6 seasons of Joc is almost certainly more valuable than 2 seasons of Cain.

    But, that might not be the question.

    Maybe the question is who would you take if everyone was a free agent right now?
    Well, Cain would get a big contract.
    So would Joc.

    We all know that Cain probably has more current value while Joc has more future value, so it, kind of, depends on how we weigh those.

    Steamer has Joc as a 3.3 WAR player for 2016. Following standard aging curves he'd produce something like 22 WAR over the next 6 seasons.

    Steamer has Cain as a 3.6 WAR player for 2016. That might be low, he's a better hitter now than he was early one. Make him 4.5 for 2016 then. Following standard aging curves he'd produce something like 20 WAR over the next 6 seasons.

    So, similar overall assets. Biggest difference being, again, more short-term production from Cain and long-term production from Pederson.

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