I think part of having that many more rushes this game had a little to do with the rain coming down pretty heavily at one point. I'm so happy we proved all the "experts" wrong yet again. I'm sure next week it'll be, "the Cowboys are the Falcons' first real test of the season" bs all over again like we see every week. It was nice to see our D hold and play well and keep a team at 17 points without forcing a single turnover, and putting up 30 with none of those "extra" possessions from those turnovers. We completely dominated that game. I look forward to seeing Peters in the game. I hope Spoon doesn't miss any time, can't really afford that. I kind of wish we ran some of those 5 lineman, 2 lb sets like the Texans with Nicholas and Spoon at LB. I love just about everything Nolan and Koetter are doing though. What can defenses do to stop us when Drew Davis and Snelling are getting those TD's?! They don't know who to look at anymore haha