I have been lurking on this thread for awhile (and away from PSD posting for some time I suppose) but I ought weigh in.

I would be in if it was on a weekend that was open for me. I live in Northern MN, but I don't mind a drive if it's for the right thing. If we coordinated with a wolves game the chances of me going would go up.

I am 6'0"

Played center in HS, no joke. We were a very short, very white team, and I was the tallest except for a german exchange student who was 6'6" and had never touched the ball. I was not that good or focused then, and didn't become either until college. I am the wrong side of 30, but I make up for it with Dwight like enthusiasm (Shrute, not Howard). Very good rebounder with an ok drop step, and that's about all I can effectively do. I coach, so I am probably terrible to play a pick up game with.