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I said nearly .300. If .297 is not considered to be near .300 then I don't know what is. As for OBP, in his last productive season in 2010, he hit .315 and only drew 45 walks in 680 ABs, and still had an OBP of .359. I believe he's capable of similar numbers in 2013. If he can give me an OBP of .340 or better I'd be perfectly satisfied. We need clutch hitters, not choke artists, and Ichiro has always been a clutch hitter throughout his entire career. If we had simply traded Swisher and signed Beltran last offseason who knows where we'd be right now with both Beltran and Ichiro.
we're always on the same page, I was begging NY to do that last winter.

I mean I'm no GM, but some of this is just common sense/ Cashman has made some horrible moves, starting with trading away A jax & Ian, and then the Montero trade which still baffles me.