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Something has occurred to me on many previous occasions which reared it's ugly head again after the Giants won Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.

Speaking in general, Giants fans are more motivated by their hatred of the Dodgers than a love for their own team. Now, this is true for most teams in the National League, and especially in the West. The Padres hate us, the Rockies hate us, and at the heart of operations within the Diamondbacks organization is the desire to strengthen a rivalry with us.

But then there's the Giants; our longest running rivalry, oldest adversary, and biggest foe, following us to the west coast to continue that rivalry. A team that has had a small run of success while the Dodgers have toiled in obscurity, and a team with a fanbase that seems to desire nothing more than to piss off Dodgers fans.

I say all of this because, even though the Giants are still our most significant counterpart, I've never watched a Dodgers game - even when they were playing the Giants - and immediately thought to go to check out what Giants fans were talking about. Yet, I'd venture to say that more than 60% of the posts in the Scutaroid thread are from Giants fans.

Now, you can say "well, it's only because it's a stupid thread" and "we have to defend our guy", but the truth is you only discovered that thread because you were checking in on us. Further evidence - you are reading this right now. I can honestly I have no clue what's going on in the Giants forum... Ever.

So my question, Giants fans, is simple. If the Dodgers are the first thing you think of when you win a game - especially a significant one - isn't that an indicator that the Dodgers mean more to you than your beloved home team?
Actually the first thing all Giants fans think of when we win a huge game is 'holy ****, we just won a huge game!' Dodgers come 2nd