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    Quote Originally Posted by leoharris View Post
    Thanks Bizzle......I miss the raucous days.
    The raucous ones can't afford the ****ing tickets. The stadium went from the house that Ruth built to country club for the elite who don't really care about the team as long as they are winning enough to get them to the playoffs so they have tickets to offer to their clients.
    That and a bunch of P.C. ******* who are scared of a little beer spill and could language.

    I remember going to games with my dad and there would be beer pouring from the upper decks onto us and fights (especially sox games) all around us. I learned how to join my curse words together with startling proficiency at those games. I miss that. Things are too clean.

    ...Then again, we may have won but our team wasn't very exciting to watch.

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    Although I understand the logic in Leo's post, I tend to disagree.

    The Hype and allure factor is there. You claim the media attention is a distraction but these are highly egoistical professional that love the attention. Thats the reason Itchy wants to say. He now is relevant again. The pressure if great and so are the rewards.

    You can be an average player on the yankees and still get so much media attention that is makes stars in small markets envious.

    The Yankees are constantly in the news. They are always relevant. Everyone knows the Yankees. Its like the Lakers in basketball. Its the same as the Red Wings in Hockey.

    I dont like the new stadium and I wished they would have just renovated the old one to keep the ghoat of YS alive. I loved the old stadium. Of course, I am sure the new one will grow on me as well.

    Plus, its New York. Come on now...that alone has value. All we need is a young star to bust through like how Trout did for the Angels and its all over. He would be in every commerical, dating every young hottie named Jessica and end up on a sex tape with a Kardashian.

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