Over the last several years, it's become apparent that the Yankees organization and Yankee Stadium are no longer the cream of the crop in MLB. Allow me to explain:

First, lets take the new stadium. Go ahead and watch other playoff series. Those stadiums and fans are filled with insanity and wild enthusiasm. Our stadium is like a morgue. Hell, even after Raul's HR last week, the place was more than half empty. Other teams and players have zero fear or intimidation playing here. Zero. Some actually prefer it. That's ridiculous. Which leads me to my next point...

Playing for the Yankees. Why would anyone want to play here? Tradition, in our current society, is basically dead. Money? Not so much.....the Yanks are pretty clear about not overpaying any longer. Our team is old and boring, so why would anyone choose to get on board? We attract nobody of significance any longer, but instead must rely on veteran stop gaps.

System. Our system has produced very few quality players lately that stuck with the team. Many have had serious injuries. Something is wrong there.

Shadows. Why would anyone want to play in the shadows of Jeter and Mo and those dynasty teams? It's a no win.

Media. The scrutiny is ridiculous. Players see the Arod fiasco. Why would you want to subject yourself to that?

In summary, the allure of being a Yankee is no longer a strong one. I think that this will remain the case until the old core is gone and some excitement returns.