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    We sure are looking like we could use Jones/Diagu's inside presence...especially defensively...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suns4ever67 View Post
    Signed for trade chips. We have a lots of expiring contracts and draft picks. Look for us to make a trade as the season goes forward. Telfair, Marshall, Garrett, and Morris will be shopped if an All-Star comes available. Garrett and Marshall are in competition now to see who gets traded.
    This might be the most logical reason. If we decide to make any deals, they could be fillters to make contracts work. Being non guaranteed, they can be cut by the receiving team.

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    IMO you guys are looking way too much into this. These are end of the bench scrubs to be used as practice fodder. They have no trade value and should they ever be required to play big minutes it probably means we are in big trouble. Ike Diogu is awful, Zeller is awful, I cant blame the front office at all for picking the less expensive of two total turds. I will stress if they are skimping financially on key players, but to blow an extra half mil on your 15th man is just stupid.

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