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    Oh it's so much more than Price. Vanderbilt has been the best school in the country to find pitching in the past ten years. Their training program for pitchers is lauded in every circle, even to the point where we the fan are clued into how highly regarded the program is. They are as public as any other program in the country about what they do with their pitchers and athletes as well, and you can find videos and articles on how they train.

    They have pumped out two top 8 picks in a row, Sonny Gray, Grayson Garvin, Sam Selman and a good amount of others in just the past 5 years. Note that 4 of those names are left handers who can hit 93-94 (one sits at that speed), 3 of the 4 can/have hit 95, throws a really good changeup, and all are considered to be in very strong physical condition (not an injury in the bunch either).

    This is as big a hire as they've made in the past year. This is a high end coaching talent in a position to revamp the entire way this organization trains and uses their pitchers. It might be, in the long run, the biggest hire this FO has made, even over the Rowson hire that I also considered huge.

    The good thing about this FO is that this super long build seems to be going as well as could be reasonably hoped and the FO and coaching hires have come quickly and decisively. Things are moving fast, and have been since last August it seems.
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