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That's patronizing.

I know Pagan isn't the caliber of player Reyes or Beltran is.

That was never my argument about them being of equal ability.

Neither was i making the argument for Pagan's compensation being a blue chip prospect.

My two arguments were that they sold low on Pagan (because they could have gotten more for him than Torres/Ramirez if they had held on to him) or like i said in a previous post maybe they do what most big market teams are supposed to do and keep their productive players.

Or the fact that they had no speed in their lineup and nobody who could bat leadoff everyday after dealing Reyes, they might have want to kept Pagan just to fix a practical lineup issue going into this season.
Like who?
This is a guy who was coming off a campaign of having an ops of .694.
What kind of talent are we going to get for him?

The Mets were trying to fill 2 needs with the Pagan trade. It didn't workout like they had hoped.